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Tropical Leaves

PNG Conservation Projects

Wanang Conservation Area is a 10,000 ha village-based protected area of pristine lowland rainforest in Madang Province with more than 550 species of trees and shrubs, and 143 species of birds, 200 species of butterflies and thousand of other plant and animal species.


Kau Wildlife Conservation Area is located in the lowland rainforest near Baitabag Village in Madang Province. The conservation area covers almost 300 hectares of the undisturbed forest and hosts one of the few canopy cranes in the world.

canopy crane.jpg

The Mt Wilhelm Conservation Area protects 20,000ha of highly diverse forest found below the Mt Wilhelm National Park, and also contains one of the few complete altitudinal rainforest transects in the world. This unique area is one of the premier sites for studying climate change effects globablly.

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The Earth Care Mission Association in West New Britain is committed to creating a safer and healthier planet. They are protecting both forest and mangrove habitats through two major projects: The Whiteman Range Conservation Project and the South Coast Mangrove Project. They are also active in conservation education, founding the Saint Patrick's Agro Technical High School


Based on Mussau Island, New Ireland, the Lolieng Sustainable Program aims to bring sustainable development to the local communities while at the same time protecting and improving the marine ecosystem. This local effort is supported by Wildlife Conservation Society. 

LSP Mussau.jpg
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