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Earth Care Mission

The Earth Care Mission Association effort is supported by 4000 community members of Whiteman Range. They have established three programs under the ‘Ridge to Reef’ integrated approach for conservation. The three programs are;

  1. Whiteman Range Forest Conservation

  2. Southcoast Corridor Mangrove Rehabilitation Project

  3. St Patrick Agro-Technical High School

The area is fascinating place for both biodiversity and human history. Discoveries have been made that suggest humans have been living there for 35,000 years. Archaeologists have also documented some of the oldest trade routes in the world, where early inhabitants quarried and traded obsidian with other communities.


 Whiteman Range Forest Conservation project is led by Fr Patrick Pose, and seeks to protect 3500km2  of rainforest. The first signpost marking the boundaries was placed in 2015, with the proceeding years bringing new infrastructure, training, research and biodiversity monitoring operations. The area is an important refuge for biodiversity. 8 bird species present there are considered 'vulnerable' by IUCN Red List, and over half of PNG bat species can be found there. New species of fish have already been described, and scientists believe there are yet more discoveries to be made there. The area also contains at least 40 species of Ficus trees, that's about 4% of all the species in the world.

The Southcoast Corridor Mangrove Rehabilitation Project is an important initiative established in response to the significant threats that mangrove habitat is facing globally. This program has an active and engaged management and community, who carry out crucial mangrove planting projects which encourage the re-growth of mangrove forests in the area. Mangroves are home to birds, fish, crustaceans and other marine life and are considered habitats high biodiversity value. However they serve another role. These systems can slow down coastal erosion and reduce the impact of storms and tsunamis, protecting coastal villages.


St Patrick Agro-Technical High School, founded in 2017, seeks to build local knowledge and skills. They work expands on the normal curriculum and aims to develop good forest stewards  and local conservationists and biologists. They want to engage students as research assistants and help build awareness in local communities.

Whiteman Range Conservation

Whiteman Range Conservation

Whiteman Range Conservation
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