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Here you can find out the latest news coming from our network and also opportunities for training.

BRC set to officially launch our guidebook
'PNG Community Conservation: A Guidebook for Conservation and Biological Monitoring'


BRC have put together a guidebook designed to help conservation communities understand the basic ideas behind conservation, biodiversity, the environment, and how to monitor plants and animals on your Papa Graun.

Many thanks to CEPF, CEPA and WCS for supporting our project.

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BRC and our conservation friends from across the East Melanesian Island (EMI) Hotspot successfully complete the inaugural Conservation Field Course

BRC were honoured to host twenty passionate conservation workers from all across the EMI hotspot. The course energised us and left us feeling confident that local conservation projects can carry conservation efforts into the future. Many thanks again to CEPF for funding this important initiative.

For more information please check out the special edition of the Melanesian Geo magazine HERE.

BRC have already begun planning future courses and hope to host the second Field Course in 2023. Stay tuned for more details.

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