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Education is key to development. 

We want to make education accessible to everybody, so here you will find a selection of learning materials that will help you and your community to better understand ideas around conservation, the environment, biodiversity and sustainable development. We will continue to build and grow our learning contents.  Below you will find our freely downloadable guidebook, content from our Conservation Field Course and a collection of presentations from BRC and partners. 

Soon we will add information on conservation perspectives throughout PNG. If you want to contribute to this effort then we invite you to head over to our questionnaire page using the button below; there you can share your insights and beliefs. 

Learning Resources

Please browse our available learning materials and if you see something that you like then hit the download button to get your own copy. You are free to use the info below in your own teaching activities but we ask you to give credit to our project so that we can spread the message of


This is our main learning resource.

This guidebook is designed to provide useful information and guidance to communities and individuals either already involved in conservation or interested in conservation. You do not need to be an expert to use this book! 

What to expect?

The guidebook will first explain what exactly we mean when we speak about biodiversity and conservation. We will see why it is important to protect biodiversity and learn about the main threats it faces. Readers will also learn how communities can work together to develop conservation projects. These topics are useful for all readers, but might be of most use to communities who are in the early stages of a conservation project. As we move through the guidebook, we get to topics that might be of more use to projects that are already established. In particular some of the leading experts on PNG biodiversity will outline how to monitor the biodiversity in your conservation areas. Monitoring and understanding the biodiversity you are protecting is a key part of the conservation process.


Field Course Materials

Here is a selection of presentations that are given throughout the Conservation Field Course. This section is particularly useful for participants of our field course but can also be of interest to everybody. 

To download, simply click!

Participant Presentations 2021​​

Instructor Presentations 2021

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Conservation Perspectives

Our team are working on bringing you the latest ideas and beliefs of those involved in conservation and also the general public. 

We hope that by better understanding your fellow neighbour that we can all move towards a common understanding of conservation and why it is so important to life in PNG.

Come back a bit later to see what we find. 

And if you would like to be part of this effort, follow the link below and fill out our questionnaire.

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